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Are You Missing Opportunities to Sell?

It's like throwing money out the window. Are you missing opportunities to sell to your captured contacts from your website? We know you are busy running your company. Cloud Marketed websites do a great job of capturing information from your customers and potential customers that fill out any forms or do any action on your website. It is one of the many features offered in our website support plan. These contacts have taken the step to seek you out and performed an action on your website. They already trust your company.

Eliminating the sales step of convincing the customer that you are going to fulfill a need that they have is the hardest part of the sale. These contacts do not need much convincing to buy from you. They are already loyal and already have your trust. It's always good practice to touch on them, check-in and say hello.

By simply touching on these people with content that says:

1. Happy (Holiday)

2. Specials you have going on

3. Plans that you offer

4. Product or Industry Knowledge

You remind them who you are and that could be the difference between them picking up the phone to call you for the service they need and turning to Google to search for a different company to fill their need for that service. These contacts trust you, they know you and you have already gained their trust. This is the hardest part of the sale.

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a lot of businesses to decline in revenue. Now is the time to touch on these contacts and remind them of what you do and how you fulfill their needs with your services. It is also good to let them know how you, as the business owner, are handling the COVID-19 crisis. What precautions are you taking? Are you still available to fulfill their needs? When do you plan to be available to fulfill their needs?

Did you know? Cloud Marketed will create HTML emails to send to your website captured contacts for you? We are offering a free trial month. The plan consists of 5 emails per month and typically costs $50 per month. Try it this month for free! Have your own way of sending emails to customers? That's great, you can contact your Cloud Marketed rep fora CSV file and upload your contacts into your email campaign provider.

Just a reminder that we are here for you. Check out our new website and monthly plans. There is always a plan to fit your company size and meet your marketing goals. If you are interested in touching base with your website contacts but do not feel that our email blast plan fits your needs. Ask us about our triggered emails plan or our chat plan. Both are just $20 a month and no setup fee at this time!

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