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Direct Sales without Pushing Your Products on Friends & Family

Direct Sales and Online Marketing
You have all the tools. It's just knowing how to use them.

Direct Sales is not almost like a regular company or business, it is just like a regular company and business. When you are hired at a brick and mortar business they will give you an outline of your compensation and there will be people above you and under you. With experience and merit, you may move up and you would then receive a pay raise. What has aggravated me the most about being in direct sales is the myth that direct sales are a "pyramid scheme". A pyramid scheme is just that a scheme. People would attribute their own money for something that they never saw a return on. There was NO product at the end. Direct sales have given men and women the flexibility of making either a little extra money or an entire salary that their family relies on. Huge difference.

The annoying part for some is having people that are your friends suddenly join a direct sales company and popping into your messages with their business pitch.You can be that pushy salesperson that gives direct sales a bad name if you want. You can message and harass your friends and family to purchase from you, but ultimately you will just end up embarrassing yourself and causing people to slam the door in your face.

The first rule in any business is that You HAVE TO BE THE EXPERT. Whatever you sell be the expert on it. If you are in a health and wellness business then you need to be the expert in that area. How do I become the expert? Well hopefully you have chosen a company with a product you believe in. You cannot sell something you don't believe in or even use yourself.

Usually there is a passion there to begin with, but never STOP LEARNING.

  1. Find podcasts on the subject

  2. Find facebook groups on your subject

  3. Follow the Instagram Hashtags on the subject

Your content should reflect the knowledge of the product you promote. When someone has a question in that area they would think of you. How do you get your information and knowledge over to them?

  1. Tell them in your posts.

  2. Make sure your posts add value to them.

  3. Don't give TOO much information.

  4. Teach them something.

  5. Make a task easier for them.

  6. Give them a tip.

I like to use the rule of 3,5,9. Three Tips To Make Cutting Sugar Easier, & Five Steps to Everyday Makeup. Finally, VIDEO IS KING OF CONTENT. If you have been afraid of hopping on a LIVE or your STORY, face the fear today hop on and teach something.

These rules apply to any business, whether it's a direct sales company, online boutique or a brick and mortar company. Businesses are moving to an online presence. If you aren't there, you may lose out.

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