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When is it a Good Idea to Rebrand?

Branding on lunch bag.
Rebrand Image

Your brand is much deeper than a logo. It is how your customer perceives you and what story you want that customer to know about you and your company. It's crucial to have an eye-catching informative design. This will be what draws your customers in. What is your brand saying about you right now?

1. Does your brand tell a story? Can you see your company mission in your brand?

Dawn Dish Soap does this best with their call to make more people more environmentally aware. Who doesn't want to save the cute ducks that are covered in oil?

2. Could you compromise your brand with a rebrand. Would a rebrand confuse your customers? Or is it a new twist that your customers can identify with and support. IHOP did a great job at their rebrand.

Ihop old logo vs new logo
Ihop logo

Here you can see that they maintained similar colors and well established name as well as font. They decided to focus on happiness. The most recognizable change is how they turned their frown upside down. They incorporated the hashtag #IHOPsmile which promoted customers to take pictures of themselves eating with a smile on their face at IHOP and sharing them on social media outlets.

3. Do you need to streamline your services under one cohesive identity?

Do you offer a line or suite of products and are they all easily identifiable as being a part of your brand? If this is the case a rebrand can help refocus your company's vision and portray to new and old customers who are now as a unit.

United and Continental Airlines merged and their rebrand was very successful for both customers.

United and Continental Airline before and after merge logos
United Logo

The company wanted to make a logo familiar to both. It made sense and was recognizable.

4. Is your brand story still relevant? Are any of your brand colors, fonts, or graphics outdated?

Today's design and major brands that have taken off and allowed their customer's to identify themselves with the brand have been more simple and minimalist. Is your logo messy? Are you using logos with humanized animals making your brand more complicated than it should be?

If so, your brand could use a refresh. Verizon did this well.

The old version of the logo was comprised of italicized font and gradient quality. The oversized Z and the fading checkmark didn't seem modern anymore.

Today flat and bold will bring your logo into today's current design trend. This is exactly what Verizon did. Being a technology company it is important that they do not give off an outdated look. That's the story their old brand was telling their customers.

5. Has your target audience changed since you first branded your company?

Companies evolve as do products and customers. If this has changed at all for your company you might want to reconsider what your brand is saying to your new line of customers.

6. Have your services changed since you first started?

Maybe you have expanded and offer many more services or perhaps the reverse to that. You have offered many services but drilled down to one unique service.

Save on a new logo if you have plans to redesign your website. A rebrand may be just what you need this summer.

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